The Skiing Industry in the United States

The skiing industry in the United States is the leading force behind many advancements of this alpine activity. The creation of skiing came in an era when the country was already fully developed and because of the presence of such a wide array and variety of mountainous landscapes, it has carved itself a place at the centre of the development of the entire industry.

The sport is perfect for Americans. The glamorous appeal of being on the slopes matched with its orientation towards family holidays, makes it an ideal retreat for the average American. The educational side of the sport has seen many of the country’s learning establishments take advantage of the suitable environments that are found right on their own door step.

The ski runs entering Lake Placid

The country has hosted the winter Olympic Games on four occasions. Lake Placid was the venue for both the 1832 and 1980 Winter Olympics, the Games then visited Squaw Valley in 1960 and Salt Lake City was the home to the Games in 2002.

These three areas are in totally different parts of the country. Lake Placid is found in the North East of the country in the Adirondack Mountains, just north of New York City. It was able to develop as quickly as the other resorts around the world, and by 1921 it was a major speed skating and ski jumping area, hosting many competitions. It led the way in ski resorts in the country and today around 200,000 skiers visit the area each year. The resort was developed from 2005 by Melvil Dewey as winter getaway for the rich and famous, mainly from New York.

Lake Placid is only one of the 44 ski resorts that are found in the New York region and no area has such a number of these establishments all gathered around once place. Yet many of the residents of the City ignore their local resorts and each weekend head off to visit the ones that are found in the region of New England.

Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont

New England is situated to the east of New York so many of its ski resorts are as easily accessible to the visitors from New York City as the citizens of their own State. The most popular are the resorts in the State of Vermont which is home to Stowe Mountain Resort, Bolton Valley and Burke Mountain Ski Area.

Each year, over 13 million visit the State and many of these are to visit the many ski areas. Vermont is not the country’s biggest State and it heavily relies on the 1.57 billion dollars that tourists spend every year.

In 1960 the Winter Olympic Games were held in Squaw Valley, California. The State was one of the first areas in the country where people started skiing, as gold miners organized their own races as early as 1853 in La Porte. However, the emergence of Sugar Bowl as the first ski resort came much later, when the first chair lifts and gondolas were installed in the State in 1939.

Skiing only began to rise in popularity following Second World War. The training of 20,000 soldiers on how to ski for arctic warfare helped to popularize it and, once the war had ended, new resorts started to emerge. Squaw Valley resort opened its doors in 1949 and it was modelled after the resorts that were opening in Europe. The location was ideal for the hosting of the Olympic Games as the Sierra Navada Mountains provided vast areas that suitable for the different alpine events.

When the Winter Olympics arrived in Salt Lake City, it was to another skiing area of the country where the Olympics had never been before. Located in Utah, the setting for the alpine events was prepared in nearby park city which created the largest ski area in the country. All of the alpine events were held in the Wasatch Basin which is part of the Rockies Mountain Range.

There are other extensive skiing areas in the country such as the ones that are found in New Hampshire and Colorado. The country’s skiing resorts are supported each year by both domestic and international tourists.