The Best Bits of a Skiing Trip

So – you’ve got your plane ticket, your skiing gear and a group of friends around you ready to hit the slopes… But if it’s your first time skiing, then you might be wondering what exactly there is to look forward to. Yes, you’ve heard about the après ski, the soaring feeling of completing a run, the beauty of the slopes, but you’re still feeling a tad apprehensive.

Well, there’s no need to worry. A skiing holiday is some of the most fun that you can have on Earth, and there’s so much more to it than hurtling down a mountain.

Social Butterfly

It’s a well-known fact that many people go on skiing trips purely for the social side of things. The après ski parties at hot spots like Saalbach-Hinterglemm and Kitzbühel are legendary, and nights there are more akin to Ibiza than to the image of a sleepy Alpine village.

A skiing trip is the perfect opportunity to cut loose and have fun with your group of existing friends, or to make a whole troupe of new ones. The atmosphere at most ski resorts is friendly, welcoming and concentrated on having a great time with everybody. You’ll find people from all around the world congregated there, giving you chance to meet people and forge friendships that could last a lifetime. The intense atmosphere and fun-loving attitude are the perfect catalyst for social triumph.

Hot Chocolate

It may seem strange that one drink gets its own section in this piece of writing but hear me out. The hot chocolates available at ski resorts are out of this world. Whether you opt for a sweet and delicious guilt-free treat or a naughty cocktail of chocolate and Baileys, you’re sure to enjoy your choice.

Ski resorts certainly know a thing or two about creating the perfect hot chocolate. From thick whipped vanilla cream to intricate sugar work to the addition of marshmallows and chocolate chips, they’ve literally thought of everything. And you can have it all, if you so choose! After a long day of hitting the slopes, you’ll be craving those extra calories and the pick-me-up that a sugar fix can provide.

Feed Your Hunger

Speaking of which… One of the best things about a skiing holiday is how much better food tastes after a day of bombing down the black run. Even if you’ve just been taking it steady, all that fresh air and exercise will leave you with an appetite to rival The Rock. Luckily, most places in the mountains know this and offer up the perfect high-calorie meals to get you back on track.

Skiing in the Alps

You can sample Michelin-starred fare at resorts like Courchevel in the Alps or go for a big old all American feast at Whistler in the US. Wherever you find yourself, just remember that there is no such thing as ‘too much’ food when you’re skiing – and always make sure that you eat a hearty breakfast before heading out for the day. It’s the perfect excuse to eat pancakes and French toast to your heart’s content.

Down Time

Even though a skiing holiday necessitates plenty of activity on your part, it is also supposed to be a holiday. That means taking a break from everything and enjoying some down time when you’re not seeking out that packed powder off-piste. Whilst you give your body a rest, why not entertain your mind with a bit of a brain workout.

Ski resorts tend to have good WiFi, so you’re sorted when it comes to accessing all your favourite apps, websites and streaming portals. Activities like doing the crossword puzzle, playing draughtsa few hands of blackjack and completing a sudoku grid are all enjoyable and relaxing whilst also stimulating your mind. You can also load up your Kindle with that list of must-reads you never seem to get round to, or binge watch a series or two on Netflix. If you’re in a different country, why not brush up on your conversational French or Italian with Duolingo? The possibilities are endless. Perhaps you’d rather just listen to a podcast on Spotify.

Embrace Winter

Skiing vacation

For those of us who find the colder weather a difficult thing to enjoy, taking a skiing vacation may be the best way to combat the winter blues. Rather than groaning at the sight of snow on the ground, groping around in the dark for your work clothes and wellies, you’ll feel excited and enthusiastic about waking up in a winter wonderland every morning. With specialised ski clothes keeping you warm, dry and toasty, there’s no need to fear the cold – rather you can embrace it.

Another perk is that it’s often sunny out there on the slopes – so bright in fact, that you certainly need to wear sunscreen. The prospect of a winter tan? Yes, please!

Get Fit

A happy side effect of a skiing holiday is that it helps you to get fit! Skiing is a great work out for the whole body, providing both endurance and resistance training all whilst you’re having the time of your life. You’ll find that your muscles are strengthened, your cardiovascular system gets a good workout and your balance is improved. However, you’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even notice the effort you’re putting in.