The Austrian Herminator Has Conquered The Ski World

The Austrian Herminator Has Conquered The Ski World

The Austrian Hermann Maier is still one of the most successful and charismatic personalities in ski racing. His name is a synonym of the strong will to win, the great determination, and the pure passion for what you are doing. His rise, like his career highlights, was characterized by numerous ups and downs. His coaches saw no great talent in him and did not sufficiently promote the former bricklayer. That turned out to be a big mistake because Hermann Maier became a megastar.

rom 0 To 100

Hermann Maier celebrated his first big success with second place in a Super-G race in 1997. At that time, he was 24 years old. The success of Maier was a big surprise because it was only the tenth World Cup race he was participating. Two days later, Maier proved that the second place was not a one-hit-wonder when he celebrated his first victory. That marked the start of an incredible future career. Out of respect for the great idol Lasse Kjus, he refrained from smiling on the winning photo. After all, he had defeated Kjus in the race and relegated him to the third place. The first success started a unique winning streak.

A Fall That Has Changed the History

he changed of ski sport history has been made in the Olympic Games held in Nagano, Japan when Maier was taking the first run down and had a crash. An incredible flap of Maier was captured by an American photographer where Maier is seen up in the air. This picture made Maier worldwide famous. The racer got up after the incredible crash as if nothing had happened. A few days later, Maier won the gold medal in the Super G and the giant slalom. After this crash and winning, Maier got a nickname of “The Herminator”. Journalists named him after the most famous role of the Austrian actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in his movie The Terminator. He presented his compatriot to the public in numerous American talk shows over the next few weeks.

Ski track

During the following years, Maier celebrated success after success until the next stroke of fate brought him to his knees. Another driver caused a serious injury after crashing the motorcycle driven by Maier. He was in a mortal danger several times and doctors worried that the leg amputation might be needed. However, Maier fought back with his own will and got back on skis a year and a half later. He already had his first victory in the fifth race since the returning. With his four Olympic medals, including two gold, three world championship titles, and six World Cup medals, 54 victories in the Ski World Cup, and 14 triumphs at World Cup, Hermann Maier is one of the most successful ski athletes of all time. Today, he is dedicated to his work as a TV presenter and brand ambassador for a bank. His popularity continues but it is a pay-off after all the hard work he has done.