Six Different Ways to Go Skiing

Skiing is the broad term to cover snowy hillsides and the art of using skis. Most understand the term unless you are talking to a trained ear or needing to book a ski trip. You will inevitably be faced with the question what kind of skiing are you going to do?  If you are destined for the bunny hill, you may find this question a bit perplexing. You may be under the common impression that skiing is just that simply two skis and a slope.

Truthfully, there are many variations of our favorite snow filled activity. Getting to know the different ways you can greet a skiing weekend will open the doors of possibility. There are steps and levels to take, yet it can be exciting to keep a goal in sight. If you are wanting to experience more skiing versatility, review the styles and see if any pique your interest.

Skiing Styles

Cross Country Skiing – this form of skiing may very well be the original style of the sport. Without a chair lift, skiers either glide down or V pattern their movements across stretches of land and hills. There is adaptability as your heel is not a part of the boot binding.

Alpine Skiing – this is the typical skiing setting you see in movies. With chairlifts to assist, this style is also referred to as downhill Skiing. You can expect to have a different set of skis and poles for alpine kiing versus cross country.

Freestyle Skiing – beginners will be safest if they do not attempt a freestyle session until they have acclimated to the skis. Some snowy settings have courses designed with a freestyle in mind. Similar to skateboarding tricks, skiers show off their skills which can definitely draw a crowd.

Skiing Styles
Skiing Styles

Aerial Skiing – in line with freestyle, aerial is equally not for beginners. As skiers hit the hill, they have no poles to guide them. They use specialized skis that are often called a twin tip as it allows them to turn forwards and backwards efficiently. They can do flips and twists as they fly across the air and down the slopes.

Backcountry Skiing – just as it sounds, this is skiing in rustic style. There are no guides or patrols and the paths are not treated. You will climb your way to each hill as you will be away from ski lifts and ropes. Safety equipment and first aid is wise to take on this particular ski adventure. But most important is to take care of yourself and learn this trick step by step.

Telemark Skiing – you will combine the unfastened heel of cross country with the downhill sliding of alpine to master the art of telemark skiing. Instead of using downward pressure, you will guide your skis with a swift motion of your legs. Bending with your knee almost to ground, skiers sway and swoop the length of their run.