Going on a Skiing Holiday – Part 2

Once a skier is wearing the correct clothing and is fitted with the right equipment, they are ready to learn how to ski. But before this, they must purchase the ski pass, and the average cost for a week’s skiing in Europe is around 250 Euros. They do not come cheap, but the money is used for the machinery that is required to prepare the slopes at the start and end of each day, to maintain and run the lifts and also to pay the wages of the workers who are running the resort. Looking after the lift pass is essential, as losing the lift pass will usually mean having to buy a replacement.

They start young at ski school

It is important for all inexperienced skiers to purchase ski lessons. Even those people who have skied before should still be under instruction for some period of their skiing day. The people who teach them are generally both fine skiers and tutors, and have spent half their lives on skis. They will know the resorts in detail and will be able to judge which slopes are fit for each individual.

One of the major drawbacks of skiing is that it can be ego based. Some people want to be able to ski faster, and take on the more challenging slopes, earlier than they should. The slopes are color coded and this is done for safety reasons. When a person is in ski school they will be introduced to all types of slopes, but the skiing on dangerous slopes must come with time, when the skier is ready for them.

Most injuries on skiing holidays are caused outside of ski school. When groups of friends go off skiing together, the party may include a wide variety of abilities. Problems can appear when the least experienced skiers attempt to take on the challenges of the more difficult slopes.

However, the beauty of skiing is that it can be a great social activity. Families can be apart in the morning in different ski classes and then in the afternoon meet for a social ski. If this is done in a sensible manner, then it can really make the holiday, as the experiences are shared together.

Families skiing together can be great fun

Those people who really enjoy their first skiing holiday can be hooked for life and each winter will see them taking their annual skiing holiday. One week a year may not be enough for some people and the more affluent may purchase a holiday home in a skiing resort that they will visit regularly during the winter months.

Some young people may take a year away from their education and try and spend a winter in the mountains perfecting their skiing. This, however, is not a cheap thing to do as the resorts are not cheap places to live in. The cost of ski hire and the lift pass will break most people’s budgets, but on top of that are the high prices that are charged in the resort’s cafes and restaurants.

The resorts, however, do need seasonal workers. Many of the locals either own establishments, run the skiing facilities or are the ski instructors. There are many other jobs available, such as bar tenders, waitresses and chalet boys and girls. Each winter sees a huge migration of these seasonal workers into the mountains to claim these jobs. It is often poorly paid and involves working long hard hours. But they are enticed by free lift passes and ski hire. This means that they are able to ski every day and these jobs are never short of applicants who wish to fill them.

The world’s skiing industry has developed over the last 50 years. There is now a wide variety of resorts that suit different budgets and some people may prefer to take their annual holiday in the winter as opposed to the summer. The beauty of the holiday is that it is educational, healthy and, most importantly, fun. Families are brought together in the most magnificent of environments, and are able to share experiences that will stay with them forever.