Famous Female Snowboarders – Part 1

For thousands of years man has been trying different methods of traveling over snow, and who is possibly to say when the first person tried moving across the surface on one piece of wood, or tree bark? But it is said that the first person who put two skis together to try an mono ski was Sherman Poppen back in 1965.

His wife called his invention the snurfer and it soon caught on. A Dutch inventor also claims to have designed the first actual snowboard in the early 1970’s, he started manufacturing boards for his friends and made about one hundred. The real birth of snowboarding came in the 80’s when ski resorts finally allowed them on the snow, and the rest of the story goes rapidly downhill. Snowboarding as a sport or pastime is great for males or females and this blog is dedicated to the best female snowboarders that have ever been.

Hannah Teter

This American is an Olympic champion, and she won the halfpipe in the 2006 games in Torino, Italy. She also notched a silver four years later in Vancouver and to complete the hat-trick she collected bronze in 2005 at the World Championships. Hannah Teter has had a glittering career spread over many years that has led her to a mighty six World Cup victories. She has competed for the American team in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. A larger than life character, Teter was chosen to model for a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Hannah Teter

Torah Bright

Tora Bright hails from Australia and is a professional snowboarder with an impressive resume. Now settled in the U.S she lives in Salt Lake City where she also trains. She is an Olympic gold and silver medalist and has also won bronze at the Snowboarding World Championships. Her long association with her sponsor Rhythm Snowsports has brought success to both parties, and she has also a close relationship with the Roxy brand of Quicksilver. She actively got involved helping to design the Roxy range of sporting clothing which actually included her board.


Chloe Kim

Another female snowboarder from America, and another gold medal Olympic winner. Among her list of successes, she has won four gold medals for X Games, and Chloe Kim is also the very first woman to win gold in the Winter Youth Games. 2018 saw her win the halfpipe at the Olympics, and she became the youngest woman ever to achieve this. Another landmark was that she was the first women to collect back to back wins at the U.S Snowboarding Grand Prix, she is still only seventeen.

Gretchen Bleiler

Born in Toledo in Ohio, this thirty six year old American snowboarder specializes in the halfpipe. Her snowboarding passion began at the tender age of eleven, and she has won more halfpipe competitions than any other female snowboarder. She has also won four golds in the X Games. 2003 was a landmark year when she won the U.S Grand Prix, U.S Open and a Triple Crown Snowboard championship. In part two we continue our snowy journey of the best female snowboarders in history.