An Introduction to Skiing

Skiing is a popular sport and it is seen as being fast and dangerous. There is something rather attractive about being able to travel effortless down a mountain while being able to appreciate magnificent views. People’s first images of skiing will come from media coverage as few people live in the areas of the world where skiing takes place. The picture often painted by the media is often an attractive one. The people participating are seen as being fit and glamorous and they are kitted out in expensive looking ski suits often accompanied by the most modern of accessories.

The perfect image of skiing

This creates a positive impression and for the majority of people they do have a great time when they go skiing. However, in reality it is not as easy as it looks. The pictures of skiers travelling effortlessly down the mountain belong to those people who have spent years’ fine tuning their skills. The local people who have skied as soon as they have been able to walk are the most gifted of all. The majority of people who attempt skiing for the first time will find it devilishly difficult, and their first holiday will see them learning their new skill on the beginner’s slopes close to the resort. The beauty of the mountains is that they offer a variety of “runs” of different levels of difficulty.

One of the attractions of going skiing is being able to take advantage of the mountain bars in the evening to tell stories of how certain difficult slopes were conquered. The experienced skiers do this but for the fast majority in the resorts the bars is the venue where sore limbs are rested and energy levels are revitalized. Skiing is mastered by the young far easier than by those people of more mature years. Muscles are used in a different way and it is easier to train the body to do this when it is young. There is no brochure in the world that reflects the pain of the skier as they attempt to squeeze their sore feet into their ski boots in the freezing morning.

Beginners on the nursery slopes

The weather that is popularly associated with skiing is often of brilliant sunshine set against a back drop of snow covered mountains. It paints the ideal scenario and in it does happen but the reality is that the snow has to come from somewhere and the mountains are home to some of the most unpleasant and worse and dangerous conditions in the world.

It is rare for a skier to have their holiday uninterrupted with perfect weather and often people will spend their week on the mountains and not see the sun. Skiing in poor weather conditions is difficult and dangerous. People simply cannot see as the clouds engulf the mountains and people can get lost as well as getting wet and cold. Skiing is a dangerous activity and every year lives are lost on the mountains. Every ski resort does everything possible to minimize the dangers but when people travel down a steep mountain at fast speeds, accidents are bound to happen.

Many people enjoy the activity as a result of it giving them an adrenalin rush. The better they become at skiing the more difficult, and dangerous, will be their next run they tried to find. Fatalities do not just include beginners but the most talented of skiers.

Michael Bozon was a French international skier. At the age of 20 he lost his life when he came off the course at Megeve, in a World Cup Downhill event. Skiing is loved by the rich and famous and Sonny Bono (Sonny and Cher), actress Natasha Richardson (wife of Liam Neeson) and Michel Trudeau (son of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre) all lost their lives on the slopes. However, the positives of skiing outweigh the negatives. People love the winter activity, and whole mountain communities benefit from the money that is brought into the area